Our Story

The Farm 2 Tacos dream was born in Austin, Texas, where on every corner you’re more likely to walk up to a trailer selling breakfast tacos than you are to step into a Starbucks for a coffee. 

When our founder Bharat moved with his four-legged partner in crime Karma from ATX to NYC, he missed his breakfast tacos dearly. So much so that he decided to bring the taste of the Lone Star State east to the Empire State. 

The idea truly started to sprout when Bharat met his girlfriend Donna. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Bharat and Donna are now engaged!] A huge fan of “real food,” Donna convinced him that New Yorkers deserve only the freshest local and organic ingredients. She also introduced him to her friend and chef Sara, a well-seasoned epicure who owns Spanish restaurant Poco in the East Village. 

In the name of research, the three traveled to Texas to sample as many breakfast tacos as humanly possible. They agreed that you can take the taco out of Texas but you shouldn't take the Texas out of the taco. Farm 2 Tacos wants to pay tribute to the great breakfast tacos that came before, but with an emphasis on organic foods. The goal is to make New Yorkers's morning routine a little brighter and this planet a little healthier by sourcing the best ingredients in the most socially and environmentally-conscious way.


Our Values


100% transparency. 

We'll be honest about what's in your food and where it comes from.

GMO-free and organic certified foods.

That means none of the bad stuff like pesticides. Only the good goes into our food.

Local farmers.

Whenever possible, we'll keep things locally sourced.

The highest standards of animal treatment.

We'll ensure that the farms we partner with uphold these standards.

Sustainable packaging and processes.

We'll strive to work efficiently and thoughtfully so as to reduce our waste.


We couldn't do it all without our team of suppliers, partners, staff, and customers.


We'd like to raise our community's food and nutrition consciousness through our products and writings.


We know you're busy, especially in the morning. That's why we're big fans of using technology to make everything easier.

The freshest breakfast tacos.

This one might seem obvious, but we take it very seriously. Tacos are our bread and butter after all!