What we do


Farm 2 Tacos is on a mission to change the way New Yorker's eat and think about breakfast. New Yorker's  current options fall into two categories: breakfast is either quick and unhealthy, or  it requires eating a full sit down meal. The quick meals include a bagel and cream cheese or a bacon, egg and cheese on a roll. But it also includes seemingly healthy items like a fruit cup and yogurt.

None of those are what your doctor, your trainer, or your partner wants you to be eating. None of these are a complete meal. A slow meal may be nutritious, but let's be real --- who in NYC has time for a slow breakfast in our fast paced city?

Simply put, fresh, local and organic breakfast tacos are the answer.  We're looking for the right spot to set up a retail outlet, but for now, here's how it works:



1. We source amazing ingredients and delicious recipes

2. You order between 30 and 100 breakfast tacos to your liking

3. We deliver to your party or office meeting, making you a hero